Bokmakierie Country Lodge

Whether its watching the giant predators at a vulture restaurant in the Berg, or game spotting elephant and white rhino in the Thukela Biosphere, there is a wildlife experience to capture your imagination.  Wildlife opportunities in the region range from privately owned parks to the scenic grandeur of the Drakensberg.

  • Cathedral Peak. A 32 000 ha section of the Natal Drakensberg Park. A hikers paradise, with 8 marked trails and walks. San Rock Art is found.

  • Chelmsford Nature Reserve. This dam is renowned for carp and bass fishing. 1000 ha game park, with rhino, wildebeest, zebra, blesbok etc.

  • Giant’s Castle 34 638 ha reserve is part of the WORLD HERITAGE SITE. San (Bushman) art at Main Caves and Site Museum.

  • Injasuti cradled between the little Tugela and Cowl Fork rivers. Magnificent mountain scenery.

  • Monks Cowl. Situated within the Drakensberg Park. It provides access to the Mlambonja and Mdedelo wilderness areas.

  • Royal Natal. Some of the most spectacular scenery in Africa. Over 180 bird species, including bearded Vulture and black eagle.

  • Spioenkop Nature Reserve, 6 000 ha reserve, 35 km from Ladysmith. Adjacent to Anglo-Boer War battlesite of Spioenkop. Angling, yachting, water-skiing, power boating.
  • Wagendrift Nature Reserve. 980 ha resort includes Moor Park Nature Reserve.
  • Weenen Game Reserve. Its 6 500 ha is the core area for the Thukela Biosphere. Game includes, amongst others, black rhino and white rhino and the rare roan antelope. The reserve boasts a bird list of 279 species. It is one of few remaining protected areas of valley bushveld.